My Journey

A glimpse of how it began and where I've been

To make the reading easier to digest (because there are 90 pages of content in this section alone), I have divided “My Journey in Christ” into nine (9) separate sections. Here are the nine direct links:

Scene 01
My upbringing.
Scene 02My conversion from Atheist to Believer.
Scene 03From believer to bible college.
Scene 04Kicked out of bible college and the years of anger, hypocrisy and bitterness.
Scene 05My personal “Jonah” experience.
Scene 06Learning to forgive.
Scene 07Moving forward and making progress.
Scene 08The current picture; serving my Lord….and more.
Scene 09 – Summary and some choices I had to make.


In addition to my writings about my journey, I will also talk about the lessons I’ve learned along the way, as well as observations I have made along my journey. I hope they will instruct, encourage and inspire you.

As you read these pages about my journey, I ask you to put yourself into my shoes. Ask yourself, “What would I have done if I had experienced those things? What would my response have been if those things had happened to me?”

Of course, I understand that some of you who will read these writings will think [a] “those things would never happen to me”, or [b] “I’m not sure those things would happen to me.” If that’s how you think right now, that’s OK. I understand. I used to think that way many years ago. I was a stubborn, ignorant and bull-headed atheist. However, I took the chance one day and gave Jesus Christ an opportunity. When I finally let Him in (Yes, He does exist and He does in fact “care”), He touched my heart, my mind and my soul. He gave me joy, peace and confidence. Nothing on this planet compares to what He has given to me. I am so thankful for taking that chance many years ago and finding His love!

I hope you can gain some insight from reading about my journey. I also hope you are encouraged and inspired to draw closer to Christ when you read the “other” articles!

Thank you for your time,


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